Call Us.   Lemoyne: 717.761.0277   

Call Us.   Lemoyne: 717.761.0277   

HAAS Printing Company is pleased to offer Online Ordering!

The experts at Haas Printing Company have the ability to take ALL of the items you order and put them into an online portal that is specific to your organization complete with your own personal username and password.  We can track your inventory, and require approval from supervisors.

We are also able to offer your customized business cards that you can set yourselves!  Once we set it up, you can type in your own name, location, title, and everything else that goes on your company's card.  After you've typed in the information, you are prompted to view a PDF proof where you can check for errors or approve it to be printed!

Our customers have said that Online Portals are an incredible time saver both in the ordering process, and in their personal record keeping.  When you check out, you get a response message complete with details of the items that you've ordered.

It's the next step in servicing our customer's accounts!  Please Check out our sample online store below!